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Jun 13, 2024

Cannes Contenders: Wolf BKK predicts which campaigns will emerge victorious

Wolf BKK's Torsak Chuenprapar handpicks the campaigns that could win a Lion next week at Cannes.

Cannes Contenders: Wolf BKK predicts which campaigns will emerge victorious

Ahead of the 2024 Cannes Festival of Creativity next week, creative agencies in the Asia Pacific share their top picks for standout work from the region and which ones will stand a chance to win a Lion.

Torsak Chuenprapar, co-founder and chief creative officer at Wolf BKK, which is part of Hakuhodo, shares his predictions with us today. He picks a campaign each from Thailand, Australia and Japan.

He then shares his own agency's work which has been nominated for a Lion in the Online Film category.

For other agencies' picks, you can view them in our Cannes Contenders hub here.

Here are Chuenprapar’s picks. 

Campaign: ‘Sammakorn NOT Sanpakorn’
Brand: Sammakorn
Cannes Lions category: Film

In Thailand, the housing developer Sammakorn often faced name confusion with the revenue department, being mistaken for 'Sanpakorn'. To address this, Sammakorn launched a humorous campaign featuring a film to clarify that they sell houses, not collect taxes. They also encouraged social media users to share their own stories of name confusion, effectively engaging their audience with this common experience.

Chuenprapar says: “A brand name is a crucial element of a company's identity, yet it can sometimes be confusing. The "Clever Name Confusion Solution" campaign is an ingenious approach to addressing this challenge, turning brand name misunderstandings into opportunities for enhanced brand recall, comprehensive product promotion, and captivating entertainment..” 

Campaign: ‘Climate Doctor’s Certificate'’
Brand: School Strike 4 Climate
Cannes Lions category: PR 

SS4C, in collaboration with creative agency CHEP, developed The Climate Doctor’s Certificate to motivate school-aged children to skip classes and make their voices heard. This sick note is endorsed by notable climate PhDs, such as Dr David Karoly, a councillor on the Climate Council of Australia and professor emeritus at the University of Melbourne, and Dr Nick Abel, an honorary associate professor at ANU College of Science.

Chuenprapar says: “Generational conflict is a global phenomenon. Young people yearning for a world that reflects their aspirations often face opposition from conservative adults and power figures. This campaign offers an ingenious solution, utilising a simple, low-cost, and highly creative approach. It goes beyond mere communication, empowering the younger generation to make a real difference in shaping the world.” 

Campaign:Frying Pan Challenge’’
Brand: Ajinomoto
Cannes Lions category: Brand Experience & Activation 

When a customer posted on X (formerly Twitter) about their gyozas sticking to the frying pan without oil, Ajinomoto saw an opportunity for a large-scale study on the variety of frying pans used by customers and their impact on cooking gyoza. Instead of relying on traditional corporate responses, Ajinomoto invited the customer and others to send their pans for evaluation. They analysed the temperature, ingredients, cooking time, and quality of the gyozas to assess the entire cooking process. This transparent approach was well-received, and over 3,500 participants joined what became an impromptu community cook-off.

Chuenprapar says: “The ‘Frying Pan Challenge’ stands out as a groundbreaking approach to crisis management. Faced with customer complaints about sticking gyoza, Ajinomoto didn't shy away. Instead, they cleverly transformed negativity into a user-driven research initiative. This innovative approach improved product quality and solidified brand commitment, fostering trust and loyalty among consumers..” 

Wolf BKK’s own pick

Campaign: ‘Go for Launch’
Brand: CP Chicken
Cannes Lions category: Online Film

CP aimed to raise consumer awareness about chicken safety standards by sending chicken meat to the International Space Station (ISS) to provide food for astronauts. Traditionally, food standards on Earth and in space have differed significantly. Astronaut food must meet the highest safety and hygiene standards, undergoing extensive testing at NASA’s Food Lab to achieve the Space Food Safety Standard.

Chuenprapar says: “In a world first, this brand has earned the highest safety certifications, allowing their chicken to reach astronauts aboard the ISS. The same top-tier chicken is available for purchase and enjoyment at home. The campaign's captivating narrative highlights this extraordinary achievement while showcasing the brand's commitment to exceptional quality for all.”  

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