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Jun 7, 2024

“There is an increasing need to pay attention to attention,” says DoubleVerify’s Mark Zagorski

In a presentation to senior Asia-based marketers, DoubleVerify CEO Mark Zagorski highlighted findings from the upcoming DV Global Insights: 2024 Trends Report slated to be published by this month.

“There is an increasing need to pay attention to attention,” says DoubleVerify’s Mark Zagorski
The upcoming edition of DoubleVerify’s Global Insights: 2024 Trends Report unveils some significant trends in the marketing industry. The spotlight is on the increasing importance of 'attention' as a performance metric and the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the sector. 
The need to define and measure attention 
DoubleVerify's CEO, Mark Zagorski, shared these insights at the recent Campaign360 event, emphasising the need for new performance measurement methods in today's complex advertising landscape. "Advertisers need to look beyond traditional performance indicators like viewability, reach, and frequency. It's becoming increasingly important to pay attention to 'attention,'" he says. However, he noted that there's no universally accepted definition of 'attention' yet, and several different approaches are being considered.
Zagorski observed, “Around a decade ago, viewability was a data point, which evolved over time. Attention is the next big metric that we need to align on.” There is a good reason to do this — attention-based metrics are becoming critical, with 58% of APAC media buyers planning to rely on them, according to data from DoubleVerify. 
Gaining an edge with generative AI 
The report also delves into the role of generative AI in digital advertising. Marketers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are apprehensive about its downsides — over 50% are worried about the negative impact of generative AI on media quality. (DV Global Insights: 2024 Trends Report) However, 55% of global marketers view AI positively, saying that AI-driven campaign optimisation improves media quality. Among APAC-based media buyers, the top three intended uses for AI are data analysis, dynamic creative optimisation, and automated media quality solutions. 
Highlighting the positive impacts of AI, Zagorski said, “DV leverages AI in two main areas: content classification, and optimisation.” AI powers DV’s classification across multiple platforms, in multiple languages, making the process cheaper, faster and more efficient. DV’s acquisition of Scibids last year further supports clients with automated optimisation. According to Zagorski, “Scibids AI drives incredible results for our customers – on average, for every dollar they spend, they save $4 in media costs.”
The evolution of marketing
The evolution of media and marketing is reshaping the expectations for marketers. In addition to traditional skills like creativity and innovation, today’s marketers need to understand AI, optimisation technologies, emerging metrics like attention, and how to integrate these tools to drive outcomes. 
In conclusion, Zagorski offered some food for thought to help marketers navigate the current landscape: "What strategies or solutions are in place to ensure media quality and measurement? How can we make creative, context, and media work together more effectively to drive attention and engagement? How can we use AI to boost campaign optimisation, performance, and cost management?" He ended with a powerful statement, "If we can use machines for one thing, it should be to squeeze results out of every dollar that we spend."
For more insights into media trends with a specific focus on the Asia Pacific region, sign up for the DV Global Insights: 2024 APAC Report here


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